Enneagram Wings Explained

Enneagram Wings Explained

Every Core Personality Type has two Enneagram Wings. If you are Type One, then you have a Wing of Nine and a Wing of Two. In this post I’ll explain the concept of the Enneagram Wings and cover how the Wings add unique elements to each Core Personality Type.

Enneagram Wings

As explained above, each Core Type has two Wings. The Wings are formed of the personality types which sit directly next to the Core Type on the Enneagram. For example, Type Two has a One Wing and a Three Wing. Type Five has a Four Wing and a Seven Wing. Type Eight has a Seven Wing and a Nine Wing.

The Enneagram Wings are considered Subtypes. They do not represent Core Personality Types, but rather variations of those Core Types.

Enneagram Wings Are Ice Cream

You can think of the Enneagram Wings like toppings on your ice cream. You start with a core flavor, let’s say vanilla. This represents your Core Type or Pattern. In this case we’ll say it represents Type Three.

But nobody is just vanilla, and nobody is just Type Three. Every Enneagram Type Three is flavored with two toppings. Those toppings are chocolate syrup (Two Wing) and strawberry syrup (Four Wing).

That means when you take a bite of your ice cream, you will taste at least a little bit of both flavors. And when you encounter a Core Personality, you will notice patterns from both Enneagram Wings.

One Flavor is Your Dominant Wing

It is important to note that you will taste both chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup in addition to vanilla when you take a bite of ice cream.

And as you swirl that delicious treat around in your mouth, you will also notice that one of the toppings is more pronounced. In other words, that flavor is Dominant.

Either there is more chocolate syrup or there is more strawberry. If there is more chocolate than strawberry you would say you are having vanilla ice cream with chocolate or VwC (in other words you are a Three with a Two Wing 3w2). If there is more strawberry than chocolate you would say you are having vanilla ice cream with strawberry or VwS (in other words you are a Three with a Four Wing).

Make sense?

Good. In the future, when you Type others, always beware of the fact they have Two Wings and that one of those Wings will be Dominant over the other. This is extremely important because if you only consider the behavior, without considering the Wings, you can easily mistype others!

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