Enneagram Levels of Health Explained

Enneagram Levels of Health Explained

In the previous training we covered the Enneagram Arrows. Today I’ll explain the Enneagram Levels of Health.


The Enneagram Levels of Health, sometimes called the Levels of Development, is a ladder with nine rungs which attempts to explain an individual’s state of mind based on specific behaviors.

Enneagram Levels of Health

At the top of the ladder, levels 1-3 represent states of Integration or health. Levels 4-6 indicate average ranges of health. Finally, Levels 7-9 indicate states of Disintegration. Each of these stages exhibits unique behaviors based on the level.

Enneagram Levels of Health

From the previous training, you may recall that individuals shows patterns of their Directional Arrows when pressure is added or relieved.

The Enneagram Levels of Health build upon this theory by describing how profound these patterns will be depending on an individual’s state of mind.

One challenge with the Levels is that it can be difficult to know which rung of the ladder someone is on. People switch between levels all of the time, and rapidly too.

For practical purposes, you don’t need to know which level someone is at. It doesn’t make that much of a difference whether they are at Average Level 4 or Average Level 6 because the individual will move between these levels based on things that happen in their lives from moment to moment.

Enneagram Levels of Health Translated

If your goal is practical application (and it should be) then there is a better way to understand the levels of health.

Rather than thinking of them as “levels,” consider that most people are NOT highly aware in life. That means you can expect the people around you will tend to fall within the average to unhealthy ranges of the ladder.

Knowing this, you only need to be aware of two states of mind:

  1. Awareness
  2. Autopilot

States of Awareness

In Awareness, Core Types are far more positive, expansive and adaptable in life. The personality becomes a tool which supports the individual but does not control them.

Awareness is also known as Integration. We reach Awareness by enjoying more relief in life, which can come from many things.

Enneagram Levels of Health Awareness

For example, if you begin to eat healthier and exercise then you will likely lose weight. This will improve your performance, give you more energy, and will also improve your self-confidence. All of these factors relieve you of the burden of negative self-talk and feelings.

From there you might begin a meditation regimen or practice yoga. Your attention moves out of your personality and internal world, and you become more aware of your place in the cosmos and in relation to the people around you.

States of Autopilot

Autopilot is the reverse of Awareness. In Autopilot (moving in the direction of Disintegration) your personality begins to take over. It becomes the driving factor behind your behavior.

Enneagram Levels of Health Autopilot

Now you become more and more like a zombie. You go through the motions. You may get stuck thinking about work, or problems, or bills or any other thing.

And while you’re stuck on those things, your Core Personality as well as your negative Arrow patterns can begin to show more and more.

Awareness and Autopilot Simplifies the Enneagram Levels of Health

Autopilot starts at level 4 and continues through level 9. In this way you have a range of autopilot behaviors. This simplifies the Enneagram Levels of Health system by giving you an easier way to understand the levels without trying to pinpoint which specific level an individual is at.

The reason this is useful is because people move so quickly through the levels. They can move up or down or down or up at any time.

So it makes sense to simply ask yourself, “is this person more aware or are they likely in some state of autopilot? By answering this question, you give yourself the best chance at effective communications with that individual.

Simple is key.

Make life easier for yourself. The Enneagram Levels of Health are only important to the extent that you can filter between someone whom is aware versus someone whom is in state of autopilot. Once you identify how they are approaching the world, then you can work with them to help them move toward integration and a happier, healthier life.

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